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Finding Business Partners

Market entry to foreign country can be done by many ways and methods, but the most common one is to find a local partner in foreign country. It can be local distributor, local agent, local importer, local Sales rep., local system integrator, local dealer, local direct buyer / customer or even local strategic investor. All depends on your industry, products & services and your target market.

Finding the right local business partner is a crucial factor for the success of your entry to the local market. Beside the cultural, language and business ethics barriers, it’s important to due diligence the right partner in foreign country, asking the right questions and validates its activities and performance in foreign country. In addition, due to the foreign industry structure and regulations, some industries require having few layers of local partners such as importer, distributor and dealers. We know this practice and can assist you to find the right business partner or partners in foreign country.

When it comes to Finding Business Partner, we work based on the following methodology

Study the Client & Market

  • Learning about your company, products & services and export activities.
  • Understanding about your desirable local partner
  • Study the local market, analyze the industry, examine the business opportunities and map the potential customers, competitors and partners
  • According to the findings, Building profile of the local partner candidate
  • Research and list up of local partners that fit to the candidate profile
  • Sharing & Discussion with the Client regarding the list of local partners

Making Contact with Prospects

  • Making initial contact with approved candidates by Client to validate basic information
  • Contact & Meetings with relevant validated candidates in order to introduce the Client and its products, services and technologies
  • Setting up meeting between Client and candidates who showed interest in Client offer

Follow up to Support Client

  • On-going communication support with the candidates to ensure healthy and productive discussions and negotiations toward making first order and/or signing agreement
  • Advise Company and provide strategic & tactical support and active presence in negotiations with local candidates
  • Following up with the local candidates after contract has been signed to ensure smooth execution of the agreement with the local partner

During the process of all the above steps, we will work closely with your team, ask questions, discuss with you about the findings, recommend you of the different options and allow you to navigate and choose the right approach which fit to your business in foreign country.

Finding a suitable partner in foreign country is one of the biggest challenge to most of the foreign SMEs facing while trying to enter foreign market.

Since 1995 we have been helping foreign companies to find the right partner in local country.

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