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ATLB is a strong market leader that offers its services to both local and international companies, helping them to successfully expand their global reach by providing a full suite of multilingual commercial representation, carefully designed strategies and an array of back-office services.

As a proactive accounting firm that has been serving both local and foreign clients since 1995, ATLB offers specialized services that include the establishment of an entity, bookkeeping, payroll administration, tax declaration, commercial law reporting as well as clearing and recovery procedures. We are eager to hear from you so that we can determine how best to serve your business needs.

How can we help you?

We are a specialized and powerful accounting firm serving our foreign clients in Korea since 2008. Services offered include establishment of Foreign-invested enterprises and the domestic branch of foreign companies that conduct their business in Singapore are often faced with a variety of administrative, judicial and language barriers that require the assistance of a seasoned professional who also possesses excellent English communication skills.

Our licensed tax professionals have a wealth of knowledge and the experience to meet the diverse needs of our clients and help them to avoid having any potential adverse tax problems.

Our staff is comprised of highly competent legal advisors and licensed tax professionals who strive to meet the various needs of our clients. We guarantee that by choosing ATLB, you will greatly improve your company’s profile and improve your ability to attract new business.

Providing Top Quality Service

We will help you to bring a sharp focus on your business activities.

Experienced Professionals

Company Setup is utilized extensively for work with foreign clients, providing the expertise for dealing with accounting and tax issues that might pose a problem for a foreign company operating in Singapore. An additional asset is that staff members who use Company Setup possess excellent English communication skills.

One-Stop Total Service

We provide one-stop total service to minimize any inconveniences that may arise for our clients. Using our knowledge, database and professional networks, we offer services for incorporation, accounting, and payroll and tax declaration.

Customized Services

Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality, customized services that are tailored to satisfy the specific needs of our clients—we believe that each client’s success is also a success for ATLB.

Powerful Networking in Singapore

We have an excellent relationship with Singapore’s tax authorities and we are familiar with taxation and tax policies that are imposed on foreign companies and we can therefore be of great assistance to our clients with respect to tax issues that need resolution.

We aim to provide you with the best service possible

Our professional team specializes in incorporation, accounting, taxes, and offers secretarial and related business services in Singapore, and we are always available to answer your questions about incorporating or managing your business in Singapore.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our services. Our aim is to provide the best service possible to each of our clients. Contact ATLB today and begin the process for designing a system that will meet your specific business needs.

Vision & Mission

Our clients are always a top priority at ATLB and each one receives carefully considered advice about how to achieve optimum results for their company.

Total Service Accounting Firm

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients by building a sustainable long-term relationship that will result in a mutual beneficial growth for both parties.

Client Centered Service

We enhance the value of our clients by providing customized services to each one in order to help them achieve their long-term mission.

Helping Clients Succeed

We hire, train and retain talented staff members who possess an in-depth knowledge about the various services that are required for their particular area of expertise and have the skillset to help our company reach its growth target.

Providing Differentiated Service

We continually develop and improve our business processes in order to maintain a consistent and high quality of services that meet current professional standards.

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