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Company Formation

Launching a new company is an exciting undertaking. Making sure that your company is properly formed and/or incorporated is an essential first step. Relying on our well-honed expertise, we at ATLB have helped many companies take this first step with a great sense of trust and confidence.

Company Formation Services

Legally registering your business is generally called a ‘company formation’ but it is sometimes referred to as an ‘incorporation.’ Regardless of what the process is called, it is important that you form your company in accordance to how you envision it. There are many different company structures, from a community interest company to a public limited company. Our experts will help you to decide which one is the best choice for your enterprise.

We can assist you each step of the way

Our objective is to help you prepare to set up your company quickly and efficiently. In order to accomplish this goal, we will help you to assemble the following information: your company’s name and address, details about the company’s officers as well as share capital and shareholder details.

There are different ways to start a company. We will help you to decide which process would be best for you, depending upon the complexity of your business structure. Our staff of experts can manage this process for you so that you will only have to read our updates to stay up-to-date about the progress of your company’s formation.

We make the process of turning your idea into a business that is as uncomplicated as possible. We know that you want to get underway quickly and we therefore make every effort to facilitate the paper work that is required for the formation of your company.

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