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Finding and Validating Suppliers & Manufacturers

Are you looking for local supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer in foreign country?
Do you need help to screen and identify the right local manufacturer for a specific brand, production line, product or even private label in foreign country?

We can help you to source, identify, list up and validate the right suppliers for your import needs and the best manufacturer for your production and procurement requirements.

There are thousands of SME manufacturers and suppliers with the same quality of production as the known conglomerates, but in a cheaper production price. In fact, in many cases, the same manufacturers produce for these conglomerates as subcontractors, and as a result, the manufacturing technology and standards are evolving and developing in all the supply chain.

When it comes to Finding Suppliers & Manufacturers, we work based on the following methodology:

Study the Client & Market

  • Learning about your company, products & services and import activities
  • Understanding about your desirable local supplier/manufacturer requirements and the type of product that you are looking for
  • Study the local market, analyze the industry and map the potential suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers
  • According to the findings, Building a profile of the right local supplier and list up of local suppliers that fit to that profile
  • Sharing & Discussion with the Client regarding the list of local suppliers

Contact with Local Suppliers & Validation

  • Making initial contact with approved candidates by Client to validate basic information
  • Request for additional information such as supplier company profile, products catalog, price list, logistics information, purchase terms, certifications, and any other specific questions as required by Client
  • Request for products and/or materials samples and shipping it to Client
  • Background check, Communication and Meetings with relevant local suppliers to validate their location, inspect the production facilities and sharing Client needs and requirements
  • If requested, Setting up meeting between Client and Local suppliers

Follow up to Support Client

  • On-going communication support with the local suppliers to ensure healthy and productive discussions and negotiations toward making first order and/or signing agreement
  • Advise Client and provide strategic & tactical support and active presence in negotiations with the local suppliers
  • On-site inspection at the local supplier’s site before shipment to Client
  • Support with all the logistics and shipping documentation and administration
  • Following up with the local suppliers after contract/order has been signed to ensure smooth execution of the agreement with the local suppliers

Each of the steps above can be adjusted according to your needs. During the process of all the above steps, we will work closely with your team, ask questions, discuss with you about the findings, recommend you of the different options and allow you to navigate and choose the right approach which fit to your requirements

There are dozens of public lists of local manufacturers and suppliers, but it’s not easy to validate the information in these lists or even compare with better alternatives that are not in these lists.

We can help you to find, identify and validate the right supplier, vendor, wholesaler or manufacturer in foreign country.

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