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e-Commerce Support, Fulfillment and Logistics

We offer unique logistics and import management services which allows foreign companies to sell online and ship their products directly to customers in local market, without the need for finding local importer and distributor.

Our E-commerce services include the followings:

  • Product Compliance – we check and advice regarding the relevant import regulations, labels, packaging, safety requirements, local standards and required registrations.
  • Product Registration – according to the relevant regulations, we apply and register the product.
  • Tax & Fees – we check and advice regarding the import and sales tax applied to your products.
  • Import & Custom Clearance – once products inspection has been done, we release your products from the custom office.
  • Receiving & Inventory Storage – we receive the products and store them at our storage in local area.
  • Translation & Localization – we create product pages in local language, localized to the local culture.
  • Marketplaces – we list the products on the relevant marketplaces.
  • Orders Processing – we receive and manage orders by customers from different channels and marketplaces.
  • Local Shipping – we pick, pack and ship the order to the customer according to the marketplace terms.
  • Return Processing – we accept and manage product return from customers according to the terms of each marketplace.
  • Customer Service - we provide direct customer service support in local market during working hours by phone and email.
  • Marketing and PR – we can help promoting your products and brand by local marketing campaigns and PR articles in the local media and social media channels.

It is important to note that not all products can be registered and imported within this framework. In case it’s not possible, we will recommend locating a local partner specializing in importing and distributing such products.

We have a lot of experience in online retail business in many foreign countries, not only by providing services to our clients, but also by operating our own online stores in almost all the major marketplaces.

We can be your local store and distributor and speed up your market entry to local market.

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