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Representation and Corporate Liaison Services

For many foreign companies, due to the uniqueness and structure of the local market, entering this market and developing business activities with local companies requires the allocation of many resources. In addition, foreign companies have to deal with information gaps, various business and legal barriers and sometimes even suffer from inferior status compared to local companies.

There are few major business strategies for market entry and business development activities in foreign country that are designed to reduce risks and assist foreign companies while entering the market. For example, finding business local partners, such as distributors, importers or agents. Another model is through direct entry and setting up a local business in foreign country. There is a third model which is a tailor made combination of the previous two models and is - a Representative Office and Corporate Liaison Services in the local market by us.

Our representation and liaison services in the local market aim to help foreign companies to develop its business in the local market in a measured and controlled manner as well as to enable it to maintain and protect its current and future business interests.

Representation services may include a wide range of different services which can also be provided separately, according to the client needs.

When it comes to Representation and Corporate Liaison Services may include some or all of the followings:

  • Local presence, including office address, telephone number, answering service, meeting room and other dedicated office services
  • Developing corporate image, public relations activities and media monitoring
  • Exposure to business opportunities, deals and tenders in the private and government sectors
  • Learning and managing product and company activities compliance to local regulation
  • Translation, localization, and product adaptation to the local market
  • Ongoing business and strategic consulting regarding operation in the local market
  • Support and develop sales channels in the local market
  • Develop collaborations with local stakeholders
  • Providing service and support to local customers
  • Establishment, organization and registration of a local business and office
  • Issue of certificates, standards and obtaining relevant licenses
  • Recruiting Local Employees, Employment solutions and Payroll Services
  • Local contact point in local time zone for communication with customers and local partners
  • Organizing local market visit and schedule meetings with local companies
  • Attending conferences and local exhibitions

Our local representation services, their scope and extent of exposure, are tailored to each of our clients individually according to their requirements, type of industry, the requested activities in the local market and the objectives and goals set for the market.

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