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Marketing and Public Relation Services

Like in other markets, it is highly recommended that foreign companies wishing to enter the foreign market to allocate appropriate resources for the development and implementation of marketing and public relations activities in foreign country. Marketing activities in foreign country are even more important for startups and SMEs that have not yet developed a well-known reputation and international branding.

We assist foreign companies in the development and execution of a marketing plan that will create accurate exposure in the various marketing channels in foreign country, depending on the type of industry, product or service type, target audience, and possible budget.

Marketing activities in foreign country in most cases include the use of digital media, such as social media channels, a foreign-language website and blogs, but also traditional media like TV, radio and print media. In addition, marketing and brand awareness are developed by organization and participation in local events, exhibitions and conferences.

When it comes to Marketing and Public Relations Services, we provide the following services:

  • Market study to examine the current marketing and brand status of the client in the local market
  • Preparing a marketing plan and public relations proposal for the local market
  • Consultation and guidance regarding marketing and advertising activities and channels in foreign country
  • Translation and cultural localization of existing marketing materials
  • Creating and writing new marketing materials in local language
  • Establishment, maintaining and managing of Client's website and/or landing page
  • Establishment, maintaining and managing of Client's local social media channels
  • Establishing, maintaining and managing of Client's blogs and forums on local platforms
  • Establishing, maintaining and managing of Client's Facebook page and/or group in local language
  • Building a local online community around a product and/or brand
  • Organizing products and service reviews and testing by customers and/or influencers in foreign country
  • Digital or physical launch events for products and/or services in foreign country
  • Organizing events, conferences and participating in local exhibitions in foreign country
  • Developing collaborations with local stakeholders for brand promotion and development
  • Communication and media relation with local journalists, reporters, bloggers and influencers
  • Organization of interviews, media coverage and news release for the Client and its products/services in foreign country
  • Monitoring Client's brand status in local media

The important elements in developing and executing a marketing strategy in foreign country are learning the main motifs of the local culture, using common terms in appropriate contexts, studying the country's political-social situation, knowledge of effective local marketing channels and analysis of marketing activities of similar companies in the local market.

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